Boss Babes Portrait Studio Pop up


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IMAGINE, being given the opportunity of doing what you love nonstop without breaks or creative limitations.

I live for this feeling.

When the opportunity presented itself for me to be the photobooth photographer at a Boss Babes community meetup I couldn’t say no. In fact I had been mentally preparing for it to happen someday, and the time finally came very organically.

I had a month to plan, so I created a mood board of what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted this to be a creative challenge, thus requiring new & unfamiliar elements. Which for me would be 1.) shooting on continuous lights 2) using a gel & 3) using a backdrop color I don’t normally use.

MY SETUP: 2 continuous lights. I was using the modeling light on my strobe (which is the warm lighting falling on the subject) and a continuous light to my left with the blue gel. I adjusted the lighting several times throughout the night creating a diverse range of colors and moods. The orange ended up being more versatile than I imagined. :)


Boss Babes ATX amplifies and connects women and nonbinary creatives, entrepreneurs and organizers. They understand the value of bringing together creators across disciplines.

As a creative woman of color, finding a safe space where I can creatively and professionally express myself was invaluable.

Thank you to my assistant Lola Saba of Brushfire Collection for assisting me in getting everyones emails and bringing me more tea when I needed it. Facilitating the waiting line and preserving my energy on small tasks was very helpful. The line did not stop for a second and I remained focused and present throughout every interaction that I had. I took about 5-10 minutes per person and I made sure I was satisfied with the results of each person before moving on #hustletillyadrop . I met so many amazing people and they were all reflections of the hope and beauty that exists in this world.

I never really used orange before this way. After this experience I learned that every color in the spectrum has something to offer and the risk is worth taking. LEAN INTO THE COLORS YOU FEAR THE MOST.

You can view the blog post Boss Babes published about this series here